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Want to know who shot JR?

Who is a fan of "Dallas" and "Walker, Texas Ranger?" Are you so much of a fan that you would like the filming site to be your new happy home? The humble home, at Southern Cross Ranch, is 4,800 square feet. The main house boasts four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a pool, spa, and tennis court. It is an 82-acre property. This is enough for you, your parents, your spouse's parents, your kids, their spouses and families, grandparents, grandkids, pets, and even some homeless pets.

The ranch has ten horse riding corrals and a riding arena. You can escape to an excellent metal shop, and three stocked fishing ponds…and because all of this isn't enough, you also get to have two guest houses. If you aren't a horse person, now is your chance. If you think the house is fit for a king, I assure you the stables are suitable for some beautiful riding horses! So much money is spent on horse stables, this one is already ready to go! It will take your breath away.

We all dream of the long tree-lined driveway. This one has it. Landscaping is an art, and the landscapers that have handled this property are beyond gifted. Hills surround the house, and on a clear day, you will get a view of downtown Dallas, which is only 22 minutes away. So not only do you get the beauty, the privacy, and the peace…you also get to hop in the car and quickly make your way to downtown Dallas for a nice dinner. What are they missing here besides the answer to the question: Who shot JR?

Guess how much they are asking? Shockingly, only a scintilla under three million. Doable for sure!!

Can you imagine the parties and family picnics this place would hold? The memories? The sunshine, rain, and happiness? This house has enough space that you can invite the high school bully and probably not have to see them! Be generous! Invite your realtor over for dinner! I will even bring the steaks! Let me know if you have any interest, or know of anyone that is looking for a historical house this size.

Call me and I will arrange a tour! 469-585-7591

Your Top DFW Realtor - Brenda Debus  


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