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My Thoughts

Buying a home can be very nerve-racking. You look at house after house and they all of a sudden start blending. Nothing feels right. You are confused. You can't remember which house smelled like feet, but had the fantastic kitchen vs. which house smelled like chocolate chip cookies but had the cat with the weird eye. Sometimes, if you have the right Realtor - ahem - you can ask your realtor what they think. If you have the right Realtor *cough* you will get an honest answer that could help you see past the blur and focus back on what matters to you. These are a few questions to ask your Realtor - ahem - me.


Is this a house YOU would buy? As much as I like you and I want to help you find the home of your dreams, I am not going to lie to you. If the house is poo, I am gonna tell you, "This house is poo..." I will also remind you of the things that you said were a must, that this house might not have. I will also point out that a cat with a weird eye is terrible luck. Then I will grab your hand, and we will move one step closer to the house of your dreams.


Are you familiar with this neighborhood? Chances are, I am. If I know that someone was murdered two houses down last week, I am going to go ahead and reveal that information to you....especially if the suspect hasn't been found. If I know this neighborhood is overrun by mini terrorist doorbell ditching at all hours of the night...I assure you, I will tell you. And if this neighborhood is full of neighbors that will show up with a plate full of cookies within a week of you moving in...I will tell you and invite myself over to enjoy the cookies with you.


Do you foresee any significant issues with this house? I have been doing this a long time. Not only have I sold real estate, but I have also bought real estate. I have flipped houses. I can sometimes spot things that you might overlook. If I notice a DIY hack job, I will point it out and explain how MacGyver could have done a better job. If I can tell the roof isn't going to make it through the next hail storm, or notice cracks that look like they could be a foundation problem...I will point it out to you as we swiftly exit the building. If I spot roaches in the corner or a mouse trap hidden behind the coffee pot...I can ASSURE you, you will know after hearing me scream. I have your back. I will tell you if this house is going to cost you more than what they are asking.


These are only a few questions to start with. I know how stressful this process can be. I know that houses start blending if you have looked at multiple in a short amount of time. I am here to help you. I WILL help you - ahem- ...if I am your Realtor.


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