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This one is for the ladies...

If you are moving to the North Texas or DFW area (or you already live here), you ladies will need to know where the best place is to get your hair done. Where in DFW do you find the best hairdresser, beautician, friseur, or hair goddess? I, like you, know how hard it is to find that special place that gives you the vibes. Amiright? We have all had a bad experience, some worse than others. Finding the right hair person is like finding the right OBGYN. ALL lady parts are equally important and need equal attention. Where can you get that attention? Shear Design in Lake Dallas. This is a family hair salon that understands the importance of customer service and professionalism. I am not one to try experimental things on my hair, but I have been witness to what some of these women are capable of doing. They are always up-to-date with the latest styles and latest trends. The colors they manage to create are magical…it is truly an art….and these artists are gifted. My favorite, in particular, is Theresa Hock. Theresa is UH-MAZING.

One sign you have a good hairdresser. Look at their hair. Did they bother to fix it for work? Does it look clean? If you sit down in a chair and the woman standing over you with scissors looks like she just rolled out of bed, it tells you something. If they can’t make an effort for themselves, do you think they are going to go the extra mile for you? Do you think they will think about you when you step away from their chairs? No, because to that kind of hairdresser, you are just another haircut. I am telling you, Shear Design in Lake Dallas is a place you walk in and know IMMEDIATELY they care. They want you walking out happy. They want you blogging about how amazing they are. You will not just be another customer at Shear Design. You are a friend. These hairdressers not only turn a crumpled up mess into a shining star, but they usually play the role of a therapist while you are sitting in their seat….and you are only paying for ONE of those services. The other is complimentary! You will not be disappointed. I can tell you it is the last time you look for a place to get your hair done. Theresa Hock has always come to my rescue, with that said, I know this hair salon in Lake Dallas is full of talent and professionalism. You can make your appointment today! 940-321-4009. 308 South Shady Shores Road, Lake Dallas, Texas.

Your welcome!

-Your Top DFW Realtor - Brenda Debus


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