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Rocky Start

We all like privacy, right? We want the freedom to swim naked in our pool! How do we solve this problem? Fences! In the North Texas area, many of the neighborhoods have houses packed in like sardines, separated by nothing but seven-foot wood panels. In the DFW area, you don't get much privacy. There is no Wilson next door to give us over-the-fence advice that will get us through a family crisis. Those fences have grown taller, and our window shades have come down…at least in some neighborhoods.

If you head northeast, things change. How many of you have traveled out to the New England area? One of the greatest things about this area is their property lines. They don’t have seven-foot wood fences. They have rock walls. Hundreds of years ago, instead of building fences to separate properties, people built rock walls. In North Texas, if we want rocks, we buy them. In New England, they had rocks coming out their ears…so they put them to good use. The result? Beautiful rock walls around everyone’s property.

People that have dogs, either have electric fences or train their dogs to stay in their yard. I will say, yards are much different in New England. Houses aren’t built on top of each other. Instead of having 150 homes in a subdivision, you have 15 houses on the street...all taking up about two acres of land each. Of course, in the downtown areas, houses are closer together, but the rural areas are VERY rural. The yards are beautiful, and the trees are in abundance.

Take a moment to admire how the New Englanders separates properties.

Aren't they beautiful??


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