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Plano, Texas Hot Spot...Where Everybody Knows Your Name

How many of you have a favorite spot that is worth breaking every diet rule? As a real estate agent, I get the perks of trying new places all over the North Texas area. Not too long ago, I visited a restaurant in Plano called Joe's Past-N-Pizza at 2011 W Spring Creek Parkway. I had spent the day showing houses for sale to a lovely couple. We were tired and hungry and walked into this spot where we were greeted by a casual hostess who sat us quickly. As we sat, we watched the place promptly fill with people. This restaurant wasn’t your regular chain restaurant. We were seated close enough to the door, that I was able to observe the groups that came in behind us. I quickly noticed something...the hostess was greeting each one by name. She knew every single person that walked through the door. Then I observed the waitresses approaching different tables and listened as they asked about a family member that had been in the hospital or a child that was off at school... One waitress approached an older couple and asked, "Are we having the same thing this week?" The older woman grabbed the hand of her husband (who was sitting next to her in the booth as opposed to across) and said, "You know us well." Another couple came in the front door carrying a bottle of wine. A waitress walking by called out to them, "Are we trying red this time?" I quickly realized a family surrounded me. These people were regulars. This restaurant isn’t over by where we live, so it isn't a regular spot for us. It is reasons like this real estate in the Plano area is selling like hot cakes. Who wants to walk into a chain restaurant where nobody knows your name?

Sing it with me..."You want to go where people know...the people are all the want to go where everybody knows your name." Are there any Cheers fans out there? Am I showing my age here? Moving right along...

Seriously, though. Who wants to go to a restaurant where you are escorted to a table by a 16 year old that is talking so quietly you aren't sure if she is talking to you or God? Where you are tucked tightly between two other tables that not only makes a private conversation impossible but forces you to take part in side conversations between two young female adults trying to figure out which book it was that the woman is wearing the letter "A" on her chest? Smh.

I realized something...I had stumbled on a hot spot. As a North Texas real estate agent, it is my job to know the community that surrounds the houses for sale. If I am a North Texas real estate expert, I don't just need to know real estate, I need to know what makes that area a community. This was the place to be. No, it wasn't the hot spot with loud music and sweaty bodies pressed against each other; it was the hot spot surrounded by people that listen to you. People who remember your orders...remember what you tried last time and didn't like. People who remember that a few weeks ago, your grandmother was admitted into the hospital...and care enough to ask how she is doing in her recovery. This is the best kind of hot spot to stumble upon. For my clients looking for a home to buy in the Plano area? Try this place out...A. Family. Owned. Business. Remember the difference between a family owned business and a chain? When you eat local, at a family-owned business, you are paying for that first are paying for are paying for a are giving back and helping support another family. And in this restaurant? That is what you are. Family. Next time I am in the area, and being a realtor checking out Plano foreclosures, Plano homes for sale, Plano townhomes for sale, Plano FSBOs, I often am, I will walk back into this hot spot...and maybe they will remember my name.


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