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My Favorite Products...soon to be yours too!

Do you have products that you use that are MUST-HAVES? I am talking about that specific brand or model that you refuse to venture from because it does what it is supposed to do, and it does it well? Let me share some of mine…take it or leave it…but I can assure you, if it made my list, there is a good chance it will make it to your future list. This is what I call the Realtor Expert Product List.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. These little white sponges are a special gift from the cleaning crew in the heavens. When you have a last minute house showing, and you need a quick clean? I buy these on Amazon because I can get more for my buck (they have bigger quantity options). You pull one of these little sponges out, run water over it, squeeze the access water out, and get busy. If you have children, teens, or a husband, you have dirty trails all over your walls and light switch panels. This is the simplest of tasks for these sweet, precious sponges. This is just to get you warmed up. Now, onto bigger and better….the bottom of a textured white shower…this sponge sucks that dirt up faster than a hoover sucks up sand. While you are in there, clean the whole shower with it. The glass that is so full of soap scum you can't see through it? This sponge cleans that grime quicker than a ten-year-old cleans up a roll of thin mints. The rubber on shoes? Done. Car leather? Bam. Your spouse's feet? Like a baby's booty once again.

Glad Force FlexPlus garbage bags. These bags are the most robust trash bags I have ever met. And when I met them, I quickly followed it with, "Where have you been all my life?" If you have teenagers that have the duty of taking out the kitchen trash, then you have experienced shutting the wifi down because the trash has been overflowing two days past full. Buy these bags and your teen will be grateful…because they really WILL get an extra two days out of these bags. When you think that bag has been stretched to its limits, this bag will take another two full days. No joke. I think I have had at least four cut up dead bodies in it at one time and not a single rip. It was difficult to drag to the trunk, but even dragging over the concrete didn't put a snag in that sucker! Don't worry, sweet husband, it wasn't really four dead bodies…it was only one…but still! These bags have some serious elasticity!

Clorox Clean-Up With Bleach. I sleep with this stuff stuffed under my pillow. Some of my greatest memories include this product. This is a cleaning product I don't live without. Another product that comes in handy when you have no time but need to clean fast for a last minute showing. Make sure you get the Clorox Clean up WITH BLEACH. Yep, I use bleach. I know it kills our children and kills the ozone…well, it also kills dirt and filth. If you have a dirty shower with very little time, spray this stuff all over the mildew or whatever you have clung to the walls in your shower, and walk away. Come back in a few minutes and it is white again. Of course, a nice little scrub or rinse off is in your best interest, but if you don't have time, it will rinse off next time you run the shower….or it will join your children in their next bath…but no worries, they will come out just a little lighter. Be careful though, this product does include bleach. So you can't use this on stuff that can't be bleached white. So don't use this to get spaghetti off a shirt, because it will, along with the dye in the shirt.

Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti Frizz Serum. If you don't have the extra funds to buy the salon frizz serum bottles for $40+ dollars, try this stuff out. In Texas, the frizz is bad. I am with you…and my hair is pretty straight already. This stuff takes it to the next level. When you get out of the shower, do a quick towel dry on the hair, add a dime size amount of this stuff to your palm, rub it in both hands, flip your head over and start at the bottom and work your way up. I SWEAR this product somehow cuts blow drying time down. I don't know how, but it does. And it leaves everything silky and smooth. It keeps the frizz at bay and doesn't break the bank.

Ivory dish soap. This product warms my heart. It is the peanut butter to my jelly. The icing to my cake. It's awesome. AND it fights grease like Tyson fights Holyfield. No joke. My favorite thing though? The smell. It brings me to my happy place. I can't explain it…just try it.

Okay, so this is some of mine. Give me one of yours. We need to reveal some of these secrets!

Talk to you soon!

Your Top North Texas Real Estate Agent - Brenda Debus

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