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If you know me, you know I am a rule follower. I am going to take a moment to share a pet peeve of mine. Line-cutters. I know I could leave it at this because many of you are already nodding your head in agreement…and if you aren't, it might be because you are a line cutter.

There is a special place for people that cut in line. Very few things infuriate me more than someone thinking they are more important than the rest of us; therefore, they shouldn't have to wait.

The airplane lands. Everyone in the front stands, those in the back don't rush (knowing there is going to be a wait). This is how it works. Do you want to be the first off the plane? Buy a first-class ticket, my friend, otherwise, sit down and wait like the rest of us (unless of course, you have a connecting flight that you are on the verge of missing).

Let me make something clear. I LOVE to be first. LOVE it. But I am not a cutter unless I feel it is necessary. Yes, sometimes it is. Here is a perfect example of this. We are in line inside a fast-food restaurant, you are ahead of me on your phone, and it is your turn, but you don't notice because you are chatting away. Chances are, I will pass you. Don't get in line unless you are ready to order. Hence the fast, in fast food.

Another place people cut in line in DFW? On the roads. When you know that right lane is ending…yet, you ride it past the point of a safe merge. This is where you may catch me on the news. "Woman loses it over man in mustang cutting in line." This is why I don't carry a paint gun in my car. We can't afford to keep up with the paintballs I would go through driving through traffic in Dallas. And for the love of Pete, when someone doesn't have to let you in but chooses to? Send them a five-finger wave. They just did you a kind deed. They didn't have to, but they decided to be kind to you (despite the fact you nearly took off their front bumper cutting them off). The VERY least you can do is use your manners. A wave is just like telling them "Thank you!" …if it is all five fingers. Make it all five fingers. We need more kindness and fewer line cutters.

Talk to you soon!

Your Top North Texas Real Estate Agent - Brenda Debus


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