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How Wine Helps You Buy A House...

It's that time of year again. New shoes. New backpacks. Freshly sharpened pencils. Untouched notebooks. Folders with names legible at the top. Pink square erasers. Excited little ones. Nervous big ones. Mini photoshoots on the front porch. Moms that can't wait to get home and pop open the bottle of 8 am.

Remember those days? Your kids have been in school now...two weeks? Has the fun worn off yet? Do you have screaming kindergarteners that cling to the back seat in the drop offline? Teenagers trying to change their schedule to avoid someone they dislike? Lost homework?

In real estate, things tend to slow down a tad right before school starts...then it picks up again right after school starts. Why? Because the preparation for school is exhausting to everyone involved. The last thing you want to mess with is buying and selling when every countertop in your house is coated with something that belongs in a classroom.

Guess what?? Now is the time. The excitement has worn off. The kids are back to the iPads with untouched homework in their bags. When things have settled, it's time to buy.

"In September and October, some housing markets see a final flurry in home sales as well as lower home prices. In 2018, the median existing-home sales price fell 3.6 percent from $265,600 in August to $256,900 in September, according to data from the National Association of Realtors. And from September to October, the median existing-home sales price slid another 1.7 percent to $255,100." (

After school starts and through October is the opportune time to find a home at a fantastic price. Spring is the number one time, but what people don't know is that fall is the second-best season in the market. When the little gremlins get back in school, it gives you time to focus on the best wine for your buck AND allows you to focus on real estate goals and opportunities.

This doesn't mean come in low on offers, because you certainly don't want to insult sellers. Make sure the market data supports your offer. Coming in too low, can backfire and shut down the negotiation door completely. And remember…behind that door could be wine. When you see that a seller keeps dropping the price, don't take that to mean they are desperate. This is a tricky game, and having the right Realtor in DFW, me, is essential. So call me if you need the best agent in North Texas. Now. Lets chat. Over wine. Or coffee. Or water.

Talk to you soon!

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