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Home Inspector Ninjas

Let me take a moment to explain the benefits of a home inspection. When you are buying a home in North Texas, you take the time to walk through house after house, looking for that one that has everything just the way you have always dreamed. Then, you find it. You put in the offer and hold your breath. You finally exhale after the negation process is done. Then you suck that air in and hold it again…here comes the home inspection. You wait patiently (or not) for the results. If you think this part is nerve-wracking for you, can you imagine what the sellers are going through? They are making every deal with the Lord they can…praying they fly through this with no vast bumps…even if it means taking the entire family to church for the next year.

Home inspections are vital because an inspector sees past the utopia that you see. He can look at the bones. He considers each flaw. He goes through a checklist of items that your average person would NEVER dream of checking. Your inspector is out to pick every piece of that home apart and make sure every flaw is written down (at least the good ones). He wants to make sure you have the good, the bad, and the ugly before you decide to go forward. Of course, as a North Texas Realtor, when my client is the buyers, I want that inspector to find every crack in every stinkin’ tile. Why? Because the more flaws there are (big or small), the more room we have for negotiation. Also, I would NEVER want my clients to buy a home that is hiding devastation. With that said, when my clients are the sellers, I too am holding my breath until it is all over. Inspectors have a reputation…ummm…over-zealous, dramatic, ambitious, out-to-save-the-world, power-hungry….of course, these adjectives only describe DFW home inspectors when my client is the seller. Ha! These guys have a job to do, and they usually do it well. Home inspectors in the North Texas area are necessary for the buying/selling process.

Funny story. See the picture below? An inspector found this in a house recently. Yep…that is exactly what it looks like. A kitchen sink being held up by a car jack. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you…that is a troll coloring book acting as a buffer between the jack and the kitchen sink. I guess if you are going to use a jack to hold up your kitchen sink, it is best to do it with style.

Talk to you soon!

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