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DFW Getaway

When you live in DFW, sometimes you need a breather.  You need to get away from the busyness and traffic in North Texas.  I get it; the traffic makes me too consider purchasing a paint gun to keep in my back seat.    

Here are a few places that allow you to get away, but not too far that you need to pack a suitcase.  

Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma.  This three-hour drive is a beautiful place to explore caves, hike through the woods (lose your kids-if you can manage it without looking like the number one suspect), and enjoy a fabulous 70+ foot waterfall.  Turner Falls is a place that you will be okay leaving your phone in the car.  There is beachy areas, picnic areas, wildlife, and a chance to spend real quality time with your kids (if you like them-if not, leave them at home).  

Fredericksburg, Texas.  Even though this is a little over four hours from DFW, it is well worth the drive...just make a weekend of it.  Fredericksburg is the place to be if you are a wine drinker.  The wineries are in abundance, as are the alcoholics.  Good times.  This quaint little town is perfect for you and your spouse to enjoy yourselves.  If you love antiques, get in the car now.  Antiques with THIS is a good time.  Your creative mind at work...imagine the things you can do with an old oil can!  When you are drunk, the oil can is your oyster...or is the world is your oil can?  Anyway...

Austin, Texas.  Yes, another city.  Sometimes you want to go to a new city, and sit in new traffic.  If this is the case, Austin is great.  Austin has earned the name "Live Music Capital of the World" for a reason...they have great bars.  Ha!  Austin is full of beauty and bbq.  A VERY cool thing to do is zip line over Lake Travis.  Here you get the best view of Austin's famous scenery.  If you need to get your steps in, take a stroll down the 10.2-mile loop along the water in downtown Austin on the boardwalk.  There are too many things to list...go check out Austin.  

Lake Murray in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  Lake Murray has horseback riding, golfing, hiking, cabins, and even floating cabins!  This is about 90 minutes from the Denton area.  This lake is magnificent.  This place is a water-family's dream.  You can rent boats; you can rent jet skis, you can spend all day wearing the kids out so they fall asleep at 7 pm and you have the rest of the night to enjoy your quiet time.  This is a great outdoorsy place for a family that needs to get away from the electronics (don't worry, you can give them back to the kids when they start to annoy you).  

We all need a quick getaway when we live in the North Texas area.  As a DFW realtor, I would LOVE to take advantage of these day trips...but weekends are my busiest YOU do them for me. 


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