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When you are selling a house, here is a quick checklist that will get you “Show-Ready” when you have less than an hour.

1. Grab a laundry basket and throw everything loose laying around inside it that you can't quickly put away (you will take this with you).

2. Make all the beds in the house.

3. Close the closet doors.

4. Grab a garbage bag and empty all garbage in the house inside it (take it out).

5. Flush and close all toilet lids. If they need a quick scrub, do it (I will thank you now - from every realtor that ever existed).

6. Vacuum the carpeted areas, and sweep/vacuum the tiles/wood floors.

7. Turn ALL lights on (overhead, lamps, stove, and china cabinet lights) and open all window shades (real estate shows better when the mood is bright and happy).

8. Lock up guns, jewelry, and be safe.

9. Wipe ALL countertops down and remove everything you can from them (appliances are better somewhere hidden). Bathroom counters should be free of everything. Everything. Maybe leave out the soap if it looks nice.

10. If you have special hand towels/bathroom rugs that are only used for showings, put them out...if not, make sure yours are folded and presented neatly.

11. Take a can of Febreeze and lightly spray each bed top.

12. If you have pets, hide their food dishes and beds (selling your home becomes easier when they can imagine their life inside your home).

13. If you have clean laundry that isn’t folded and put away, take it with you. You can do it later.

14. Tell Alexa to sell your house. Then tell her to turn on some Nora Jones Pandora Radio.

Brenda Debus - #1 North Texas Realtor


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